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Cervical Spine Care

Cervical Spine Care

Do you sometimes have pain in your neck or upper shoulder area? If so, it may be time to consider cervical spine care. Your local chiropractor Coconut Grove, FL, has the expertise to relieve pressure in this part of your body. After all, a stiff neck can make your life harder and limit your range of motion. Visit the office of Dr. Martin Grossman to get started on lasting neck relief.

Why Cervical Spine Care Matters

Your neck is a part of your spine, so lingering symptoms may lead to even worse ones. When you have a neck problem, it can result in stiffness, pain, and other issues that affect your reflexes. You may have limited muscle strength and added pressure building over time. Handle this issue soon, as it can affect aspects of your life from daily work activities to physical fitness, and even sleep. After all, it is difficult to sleep with a painful neck. If you keep waking up from a deep sleep, it causes inflammation, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. That is why it is important to see a chiropractor professional, such as Dr. Grossman, who understands how to evaluate and treat your issue over time.

How Dr. Grossman Can Help You

Dr. Grossman is a caring and compassionate chiropractor who uses gentle adjustments by hand. If you've never had a chiropractic adjustment before, rest assured this method won’t cause pain. He will gently move your body as he applies pressure.

Acupuncture is highly effective for this problem as well. This ancient practice uses needles at particular trigger points to release the pressure that tightens your muscles. It also encourages better circulation in the blood and lymphatic system. Therefore, once you have reduced inflammation or tension in that area, it can make it easier for Dr. Grossman to reach your spinal components and provide adjustments.

Your neck is a vital part of your body that you want to move freely. When it is stiff and painful, it can make it hard to live life to the fullest. If you are in this situation, let Dr. Grossman use his chiropractic and acupuncture work to assist you. To get relief from cervical spine pain in Coconut Grove, FL, call 305- 446-1095 for an appointment today.

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